Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Lost Opportunities

My long weekend was very welcomed and needed in readiness for this week. I've had three 05:00 starts with quite a lot of travelling. This usually gives me plenty of time to reflect, plan and read, so I'm not complaining although I know by Friday I'll be looking forward to winding down. On Monday morning I had an early flight to Edinburgh. We sat on the plane in freezing weather waiting for the usual safety brief, yes you can guess I was thinking about Kulula airlines, and then we all became aware of lots of blue flashing lights around the plane. The captain announced that the plane to our right had been 'pushed back' and into the path of another plane on the taxi way.Their tail planes had hit and they were stuck together. After a 30 minute delay they had been unlocked, moved and we were clear to go. For a moment I thought we were going to be disembarked and massive delays. I was so disappointed that there was not one amusing Kulula style announcement made, a lost opportunity.

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