Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Winter Training

Agility training at club tonight. It'll be the first time for ages, I hope I can remember how it all works!

I'm not planning to do much travelling through December, which will be nice and good to spend more time at home. It's our company policy that December is a reduced / no travel month. It's a good idea, the weather is not very nice to travel about in, driving conditions can be horrid and it's dark and cold.

I was doing some coaching with one of my students earlier, we talked about the lack of daylight and decent weather to do agility training at this time of year. I explained it's a great time to review this seasons progress, watch videos back, work on next years plans and maybe do some other activities or sports which will help prepare us for next season.

This could be general fitness like swimming, cycling or a gym, or you could consider taking up an activity that will help with your reflexes, speed, hand-eye coordination. Why hand-eye coordination? Well when we compete at sports that require more than one area of attention at once i.e. football, tennis, squash, dog agility we need to have good coordination or motor mechanics (getting body parts to work in time). You don't need to develop these skills so much for golf or snooker for example.

So, lets have some ideas for winter agility training for handlers that doesn't involve agility equipment.


Pup said...

Spatial awareness? LOL

Hope you didn't hurt yourself last night!

Mark Laker said...

heheh no but this falling over lark is becoming a bit of habit. And I hadn't even been drinking!