Sunday, 18 December 2011

Who's eating all the Mince Pies

I had my first mince pie of Christmas 2011 today. Usually by this time in December I've sampled dozens of the little fella's. I once worked with a team who had an annual Mince Pie Challenge. We had to bring in a different brand of mince pies each Friday leading up to the festive season. Most years we were sick of them by 24 Dec; we must have started the challenge at Easter!

I've been keeping an eye on Olympia this weekend. It's exciting to see so many of my friends there and even more so to see how my coaching students have done. The trail to this final is a long one. I've been there a few times and it still is one of the most amazing places for atmosphere to compete in.

Talking about long trails, I've started thinking about next years goals for my personal life/development, my career, interests and of course agility. This process starts with lots of scribbles, ideas, reviewing this years events etc... I aim to have it ready by end of January. 2012 is a big one in The Laker house hold, so even more to think about. Celebration ideas on an email ...

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