Friday, 30 December 2011

Home Time

I could get into this life of lots of dog walking, dinner with friends and family, chilled out evenings and relaxing, is this what retirement is like?

My eldest son Jack has been over for a few days. Jack's at Swansea Uni studying law. It has been great spending time with him and catching up on what he's been up to. He arrived laiden down with huge law books, laptop and headphones - essential tools for studying.

He has a long road ahead with studying and work experience which he's up for. I'm encouraged by the fact that he is able to visualise his future career path and he's prepared for the journey.

Talking of journeys, we've started looking at the 2012 agility show diary. We're going to take a slightly different tact next year. We're going to be focusing on the shows we've really enjoyed and ones that offer classes that help us achieve our goals; and offer lots of enjoyment of course. Including a few more trips to Europe I think, very exciting.

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