Friday, 23 December 2011

The Final Countdown

Well that's work finished for 2011. The last day at work before the Christmas beak always seems strange. It's generally quieter than usual and interesting to see how many 'out of office' replies come whizzing back on the email from lunchtime onwards heheh. I like to use the day as an opportunity to tidy up all those tasks that have been hanging around, although every year my list is longer than the time available.

I'm looking forward to a couple of weeks: not travelling on business; spending more time at home; spending time with friends; out with my dogs and of course the compulsory seeing the family. I'm also hoping to get some bike rides in, a little bit of agility training and get next years goals past the planning stage.

If anyone wants a template to help with their 2012 goal setting let me know.  I'm very happy to share them with you.

Happy Xmas eve, eve...

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