Monday, 28 November 2011

As Quick as a Flash

We had our last show of the year on Saturday, North Downs; and it was a good one too. Why good? well it was nice seeing friends again after what seems like ages with no competitions. The weather was kind, always a plus in the winter. We were all done by 3pm. We had fun with the dogs. And I gave everyone a laugh!

You probably had to be there to appreciate that I was the only person who found the surface a bit slippery. Well not exactly slippery more roly-poly.

Two jumps from the end of a storming clear round, arguably a winning G6 agility round, in fact the winning G6 Agility round I've been looking for. As quick as a flash I slipped, fell flat on my back, after breaking my fall with my right-hand wrist (this is important to note for later). Devo completed the correct obstacle, came through the gap (it was a pull-through manoever), as quick as a flash, that's my recollection, I spun around, still on my back in a turtle style, people shouting "GET UP" " Don't just lie there" "quick, move" .... and I'm sure I heard other obscenities relating to my age and length of legs; I committed him to the next and final jump while getting back on my feet, to finish with a clear round and going into the lead ..... da-da!

The current leader was gutted that I knocked her into 2nd place even after falling over. Devo was a good lad for not taking an off-course obstacle; there is no end to our talent.

Unfortunately I was on the floor too long and finished in 5th place - still not bad considering.

Earlier we'd had a 3rd in the Combined 6/7 Agility, yet another near miss of the 1st place.

So all dignity gone, we headed home to get cleaned up ready for a family wedding reception. We had a great evening meeting friends and family who for some strange reason don't do agility so they don't see us that often. Of course when two guys meet each other it's customary to shake hands, right hands. And to avoid being mistaken for a wet kipper you must do a firm hand-shake. By now my wrist was swelling up and displaying all the colours of the rainbow and all this hand shaking wasn't helping at all. I was tempted to do the 'man-hug' thing but I made the mistake of wearing a pink shirt so I thought I might end up with more than a sore wrist!

By Sunday evening the wrist was getting back to its usual size and pains were starting to appear elsewhere - is it a sign?

Another quick as a flash experience and far less painful was this morning. Things that man has achieved that amazes me. I walked in to Southampton airport at 6am today and by 8:30 I was sat in Starbucks, Union St, Aberdeen having some breakfast (holding a Latte Grade with my left hand, not my right one).


Pup said...

ouch - hope it is feeling better now! Devo is awesome to finish the course though bless him.

Mark Laker said...

thanks, better today, Devo is a good lad, and he doesn't fall over!