Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Under Pressure

All recovered from the WAO tryouts? A few aching legs, and heads I hear. I got sun burnt too, it was a good day. We had good support too from all heights and some spectators -thanks.

There were the favourites of course who were cool, calm and produced the sort of professional performance you'd expect from these top handlers and their dogs. There were those handlers who came along for the first time to see what it's all about and try their hand. Some of these were really good and in my books 'one's to watch'.

It's at these type of events that confidence and well drilled partnerships really show up. There were one or two people who I felt for. I know they can do great runs but under that pressure, on tough exercises with two guys with clip boards watching them they didn't do the type of run they'd hoped for. Never mind, they turned up had a go and enjoyed themselves.

I heard at least one person say, " I now know what I need to go away and work on now"...

I'd welcome your feedback on the day. While I've stepped back from active day-to-day management of WAO, I'm still keen to be involved and help out where ever I can including team England of course.

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