Tuesday, 11 October 2011

FCI Reflections

When I wrote this I was sat on the Eurotunnel crossing home following a weekend at the FCI World Championships....

This has been my third time attending and once more I come back feeling inspired by the fabulous agility displayed.

There were too many good runs to single out any in particular, however I will mention Bernadette Bay who did a fantastic run for her bronze medal. In my view the standard of the small and medium dog category at FCI is noticeable higher than we're used to seeing. To gain a medal here is a true achievement.

The three GB teams were also brilliant to watch. They bonded well and supported each other through the highs and lows.

If I was to make any constructive feedback it would be about improving our preparation for competing on carpet. Whether we like or not this competition is on carpet and will now always be so. Anyone wanting to compete at this level must be prepared for this surface. The good news is that there is another world championship on a much better surface to go for!

Of course handlers can always be better mentally prepared, we saw lots of handlers over the two days suffering from pressure. Team GB had a lot of experienced handlers this year who generally dealt with this very well, however I think we could do more to help prepare them.

Overall it's been a tiring weekend, both emotionally and physically, but well worth it. Anyone wanting to compete to the highest level in the UK will find events like this to be truly inspirational. They highlight what commitment is needed to be at the top of the sport.

I would gladly sacrifice a couple of weekend shows to come and watch and learn each year from the very best of the best.

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