Sunday, 23 October 2011

A day at home

A rare day at home today catching up and chilling out. Nice.

Yesterday we held one of our first training days of the Autumn at Devon Dogs. We know many of the Devon Dog handlers now as we get invited to train there a couple of times a year. It's nice to see their development; some of the handlers I first trained a few years ago are now in the top group.

I was also amazed by the standard of the younger dogs still in G1, they were excellent and wont be in this grade long.

Here are my Top Tips to anyone considering holding a successful training day, in no particular order:
  • Nice weather, or at least dry
  • Refreshments - thank you Sue & Lizzy, excellent food all day yesterday
  • Decent equipment to work with, it was good to use rubber contacts,
  • Handlers who want to learn - although, it's good sport when you get people who argue; didn't get any of these types yesterday
  • Good supply of chocolate cake - Hmmmm thanks Sue
  • Help to move equipment around - thanks Lizzy, much appreciated
  • Positive feedback on the day - lots of feedback yesterday
It's also interesting to see common strengths, traits and dare I say weaknesses at each club. This is even more interesting at Devon Dogs because they use very similar, if not the same, handling system as us. The great thing, and a sign of their positive approach to training, is everyone asked for feedback and took it onboard.

Thanks to everyone who made it an enjoyable day, especially Lizzy and Sue (have I mentioned them?)

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