Sunday, 11 September 2011

Smile Please

Another weekend of agility done, and a good one too. Gillingham is always an interesting show with some action going on!

Devo did a good G6 agility run and was just pushed to 2nd place my mate Chris Cole (now an ex mate! hehehe) Actually Chris's young dog is one to watch, they're a very capable pair who won out of G6 at DIN and this was his last G6.

Kodi (not Slowdi), gained a place in the Crufts qualifier. It wasn't high enough to gain points, but in the top 20.

We stayed with my parents Saturday night who live 5 minutes from the Gillingham venue. It was good to catch up and have a chat. They also have some interesting times ahead too - there's always something going on in the Laker family, now Karen knows where I get it from.

Thanks also to everyone who came and had a chat about WAO, I really appreciate your support.

I also finally managed to download some pics from the camera. They're on my online photo album

Here's a couple of the handsome Rhyme and the very cute Miss Wish owned by the lovely M. They look like brother and sister although not at all related in fact not even the same breed.

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