Saturday, 17 September 2011

Practicing What I Preach

I think I've overdosed on sleep this week. I was up early again this morning, head buzzing with lots of ideas and things to do.

So I set out to get some 'stuff' done when one of those annoying reminders popped up on my screen telling me I hadn't reviewed my 2011 plans recently. So in true procrastination fashion I had a look at them.

When I set these last winter I changed tack and took on a different method. (Those of you who have attended my seminars will know my most recent approach). This has worked well in most cases except I forgot one of my own golden rules, "review your progress monthly".

My goal with Devo is easy to remember, basically get to grade 7. Kodi's was more complex because I had more to go for. However I forgot to review them regularly and now they are out of line. Some we've achieved, some we've missed, some we didn't even get off the blocks.

It reinforces the message to me that goal setting is quite tough, remembering to review them even tougher. As someone once said . . .

"Without goals you're like a ship without a port"

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