Friday, 2 September 2011

Just Chillin Out

Well my first seminar of the season went very well. My timing was excellent.... how come? The generator went off just as I finished talking through my last slide LOL.

We've had a very relaxing day at Prestbury. We did a bit of helping, reading, walking and chillin, very nice; I could get used to turning up early for shows.

I said in an early blog I'd tip my regular followers off on future seminars before I made them public. Well the first one will be on Sunday 30 October at Grateley, Hampshire. It'll be an interesting day aimed at helping you plan winter training, gain new training ideas, address some of the common concerns around confidence building, nerves etc.. and share some of the latest developments in sports coaching. This seminar is aimed at handlers of all levels and will have some interesting ideas for personal and career development too.

Email me if you're interested in coming and I'll send you more details.

I think it's time for another dog walk....

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Location:Cirencester,United Kingdom


Netty said...

Thank you very much for the seminar, I found it really useful and made my weekend chilled also as it made me realise what I liked most about this sport, good luck with future ones

Mark Laker said...

Thanks Netty?? It was a good evening and I'm pleased it helped you. Once we understand what we like most in sport, life, business etc... decision making and having fun come a lot easier