Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Grey Tuesday

The lack of blog entries has been due to me having to spend time considering my immediate future. Work has got increasingly busy and will continue to do so for the next 18 months. With this in mind I've had to make the decision to step down from my role with the WAO.

I've lived and breathed WAO everyday since we started it. My regular readers will know I'm not someone to do half a job and the WAO job needed a lot more of my time Monday to Friday.

I feel quite sad about the decision, but know WAO is in safe hands and I'm sure it'll continue to grow.

Yesterday was one of those tough days that you don't want too often.

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Pup said...

A very good friend of mine had a stock phrase he used to use on every "work" card sent round.

As one door closes another door opens.

A bit twee but usually quite true, and I'm sure you will find the next opportunity equalling appealing once you get used to the change. :)

Mark Laker said...

t's very true and a phrase I've used and believe in. Thanks for reminding me of it.