Monday, 19 September 2011

Flower Power

The quest for Devo's final G6 agility win continues. At Trent Pk we had a 2nd place in the G6 Agility and won the G6 Jumping.

We also had a storming run in the EO Qualifier. A moments lost concentration caused me to pull him off obstacle 19; that would have been a result winning that one.

It was an interesting venue, set in what I can only describe as someone's gardens, very nice gardens too I might add. The EO in the front garden, exercise area in the back. What was interesting from a sports psychology perspective was how we let venues effect our performance. A lot of people commented on this venue, mostly good and was very different to what we're used to competing in.

Liking or disliking a venue can be a distraction for the mind taking our focus off the job in hand. Having a pre-competition routine helps to get this focus back when you need it.

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