Wednesday, 24 August 2011

No Pun Intended

I had a scenic trip from Aberdeen down to Perth this morning. The line follows the coast for much of the way giving some beautiful views over the North sea which I can report was calm this morning.

Perth was as busy as ever, back-to-back meetings and catching up with colleagues.

Please excuse the puns in this next bit, and bare with me...
I watched a bit of football on the TV while having dinner tonight, not something I do that often (watch football, I eat dinner often). During the half time break they ran playbacks of the high/low lights of the first half. This reminded me of when I used to analyse my agility rounds looking for opportunities to save milli seconds, gain tighter turns, find a better position or take a shorter route. I asked myself why I haven't done that so much this year. I think it's because I've taken my 'eye off the ball' with my goals.

Those of you who have been on my seminars will know about the elastic band trick and how I use it to represent target setting, well I think my elastic band has gone slack! I've nearly achieved one of my goals for the year, getting Devo to G7, and rather than focusing on the next goal I'm trying to hard on this one. The result = getting anxious about missing the goal.

I need to analyse what has to happen in order for me to meet my next goal, watch some playbacks, be self-critical, and have a 'good old natter on the sofa'.

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