Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Land Time Forgot

I had an early start this morning for drive down to the Isle of Grain for a 9 o'clock meeting. It's a strange place the Isle of Grain, it reminds me of a land no one knows quite what to do with. There's farm land, the Medway estuary, nice views over ...somewhere, need to brush up on my Geography, if there's not an agility show there I'm lost!! And then there are BIG POWER STATIONS, LNG Plants, National Grid substations, container ports and lots of industrial sights - strange. Anyway I had a successful meeting and a trouble free journey on the M25.

I continue to work on my winter seminars. My first is a short 2hr evening seminar at Prestbury Pk on 01 Sept, I think there are a few spaces left. I enjoy the evening ones. They're usually interactive, lively and everyone is keen to get involved.

I'm also reading some fascinating material on music and sport; I may have mentioned this before. I've got a long train journey to Aberdeen next week so that should give me plenty of time to absorb it.

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