Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Getting tired

Unusually for me I had a rubbish nights sleep last night which was a shame because I had a big day lined up today so I needed to be sharp and on form. It all worked out fine, the day lived up to my expectations and I learnt a lot about my latest project from a Venezuelan lady who was very interesting to talk to.

So next time you're in Aberdeen I don't recommend the Station Hotel. Although I spent a year or so regularly visiting here and I don't think I ever found a good hotel; or at least not one that would meet our budget.

Preparations for my seminar of the autumn / winter season at Prestbury Park are nearly completed. I know it's not autumn / winter yet it's just I haven't done any seminars since the spring.

Hmmmmm an idea, maybe I launch the spring collection, the autumn/winter collection seminars tailored to the time of year... I think I'm getting tired.

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