Monday, 1 August 2011

Feeling Good

That's the Agility Club show done for another year, in fact that could be my last year there. I like the venue, I like the classes but I hate the layout. I know it's an agricultural show ground but why oh why are we herded into pens having to walk miles unnecessarily. A friend walked 11 miles on Saturday whilst judging (recorded on a pedometer), she was expecting to do far more on Sunday as a competitor.

Did you enjoy 'The Weaving Cone Warm Up' game going in to the venue. It's become a UK agility pastime to shout
"5 MILES PER HOUR" at the top of your voice irrespective of how fast anyone is going. In fact some people just shout it in a kind of tourettes way! (to be fair I think it's only in the South this ancient habit is practiced. Our Northern colleagues are less patronising) I've started having this re-occurring nightmare in the caravan about a caricature type committee member standing over me roaring '5 MILES PER HOUR", "GET TO THE RING" "OUR JUDGES ARE WAITING", "YOU"LL BE ELIMINATED IF YOU DON"T GET TO THE RING NOOOWWWWWWWWWW.....then I wake up

Try this exercise at home to see if you pass the '5 MILES PER HOUR' hearing test.

Sit in your car/van with all the windows shut, the air con blasting out ice cold air, put a couple of panting or barking dogs in the back, wind up your favorite agility warm up track on the CD player i.e. Ready, Steady go (Oakenfold) or We are the Champions (Queen). Then get your partner to give you camping directions ( you can make these up). Then pre-record the Sat Nav saying "you have arrived at your destination' or 'please turn around when possible'. Finally, get a ramdom stranger (grab anyone off the street) to shout "5 MILES PER HOUR" from a distance of at least 200 - 300m away. We could do a little blog survey to see who passes.

When I talk to people about coaching there's a lot emphasis on the 'feel good factor'. I'm sure you know what I mean by that. If you feel good about something, you enjoy it. If you enjoy it you're more likely to excel at it. This is why so many people try to qualify for Olympia for example. The venue has that WOW factor, it feels good so we keep trying out year after year to get there.

Think back to what makes a really good agility show for you. Apart from the winning, I bet the venue, the organisation, the layout, the overall show management all effects your feel good factor.

The bottles ....errrr glasses of wine with friends in the evening felt good, not sure about the following morning. There were other highlights for me this weekend, including one of my students winning two classes, one of which was a very prestigious class, I'm very pleased for her. Another very new student finishing 5th in a fast course. And another highlight was chillin out ring side in the sun with a friend having a very enjoyable chat - happy days.

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