Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Memories From Denmark

Work is tough this week. I've made a note to myself not to book a heavy week immediately after a holiday in the future. However memories of Dania are still very much alive.

I mentioned in an earlier blog entry that I would share some thoughts about agility following our holiday, it's interesting how the same sport can be so different in another country.

Obviously the equipment is the same....although not all of it was. The wing jumps were made of metal; they use the breakaway tyres and the table had a count down buzzer. (Devo tried the 'two-on-two off' table method!!). Yet I was quite comfortable running my dogs over the equipment and none of us experienced any problems with it.

The style and design of European courses are quite different to ours. They were all challenging as oppose to extreme. This was one of the attractions to me going. It was like doing doing three Championship classes everyday - brilliant.

The courses should be available on the Dania web site . If you use Google translator you can navigate around.

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