Monday, 18 July 2011

The English Agility Folk are in the Big Brother House

So today was spent cutting grass, washing and preparing to go back to work tomorrow. As my regular followers will know I enjoy my job and I have a new project for the next 18 months. It started just before I went away and really kicks off this week; so I have an exciting time ahead.

All the dogs are back now. Ryhme and Flint stayed with friends and apparently enjoyed themselves so much they were reluctant to come home. Dogs are so adaptable. It amazes me how quickly they can get into a routine or learn to live in different environments, if only we humans could do that.

Although it was really interesting sharing a house for a week with four friends. There were times when it felt like the Big Brother house, especially in the evenings when we sat around the TV watching our runs back and then discussing the highlights and pitfalls. Not once was any of us called to the Diary room and we all mucked in.

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