Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Time to Reflect

We had a busy and long weekend. Once I got back from Perth, we travelled down to Hereford for Friday and Saturday to stay with our good friend Jean who has a beautiful place in the country with lovely views; it's very relaxing.

We then visited my brother and his family Nr Guilford Saturday evening which was great fun.

Sunday was agility at Lansdown, another 'if only' day. I think we picked the right day for the weather and I really enjoyed the Crufts qualifier course (thanks Barry). I didn't get either of my dogs around it, but I thought it was a really good and challenging.

Yesterday we went to the FCI World Championship Team GB Qualifying day. Again some fantastic courses set up but it was not to be for Kodi and I. To be honest, we weren't ready for it this year. Kodi's illness a few months ago knocked his fitness back quite a lot. Karen has done a great job in building it back up again and we'll keep working on it.

When I see the young dogs with so much energy being steered around courses by very sharp handlers, I realise that we weren't best prepared for this years attempt at qualifying.

I need to step back and reflect on my goals and aims with Kodi for this year (one of which was to get at least two clear rounds at the qualifying day). It's called practicing what I preach.

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Dani said...

You and Kodi are a great team, and I am sure there will be other days that belong to you. Have to admit when I watch the young handlers and young top class dogs I wonder why I bother!! Bit of a late starter me :-) Great course tho on Sunday, and I was gutted I couldnt have a go. xx