Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Shopping Trips

Last weekend was one of those 'big weekends' in the agility calendar. Hinkley is not only a well run, enjoyable show, but it has the big runs, qualifying classes and Championships.

Devo and Kodi did well. Kodi reached the Championship final (one of my goals this year with him is to get to at least one Champ final), and Devo had two 'if only' runs. If only ......we would have been half way to G7 in one weekend.

Another reason I like competitions like Hinkley is because it gives me an opportunity to see what and who the competition is this season. The what is the courses; what are judges setting up, what is the in-theme, the who is the dogs and handlers - competition.

With this in mind I go to these 'big' competitions with a different mind set. Obviously I want to achieve my goals, which isn't necessarily winning, but also I take lots of training ideas away.

For those of you daunted by these type of shows, don't be. Look at them as the shop window for the season. Have a browse, see what's in season, (going around the back of jumps is back in fashion). Go home make your shopping lists and then spend the rest of the season looking for the bargains!

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