Tuesday, 21 June 2011

People Watching

I'm on my way to Scotland tonight, nothing new or amazing about that, but tonight everywhere in London and on the train is very busy.

I love the sights you see in London, I'm talking about the human sights not buildings. Some people wear the most amazing and outrageous clothes but it doesn't matter and no one seems to take notice,

A middle aged lady quite well dressed and smart got on the tube and stood across the carriage from me when I couldn't help but noticing her legs. She had the most loudest, brightest tattoos on display. I then noticed I wasn't the only person who had seen them. It was then one of those moments when the three of us looked at each other then back at these legs, then back at the eyes, very bizarre.

I felt quite under dressed in my suit...

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Location:Somewhere between London & Perth

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