Monday, 2 May 2011

and the North Wind Duth Blow

All these Bank Holidays and long weekends are taking their toll. I'm worn out! We were at the Vyne and a UKA competition at Newbury this weekend. It's only 30 minutes up the road for us so quite local.

It has been so windy today that I really didn't find it much fun. Although we had a lot of fun at lunch time. Karen bought a bap for me and a milkshake for her lunch. I'm sure caterers overfill rolls and baps on purpose as a bet between themselves to see who can get their customer in the most mess. Well I had Carnation Chicken everywhere, it exploded the moment I sunk my teeth into it . Karen & Jo were laughing at the mess I was in when a sudden strong gust blew Karen's milkshake off the table and straight in her lap upside down. A whole large cup of strawberry milkshake got emptied down her. Did we laugh...oh yes

Poor Karen got covered and with no spare trousers in the car spent the rest of the day in waterproof ones. It certainly brightened up our day.

There were good results again for my students this weekend; it going to be an exciting season, I can feel it in the wind....

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