Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Final Count Down

We had a great day training Joy Costello's group and friends. The sun was out, I had a two very motivated groups and we all enjoyed ourselves.

Devo did his party piece to everyone's amusement. I don't usually use my dogs as demo's, it doesn't really prove anything but it can be useful as an example. He is funny though and he did demo very well.

We paid our last visit to The Hand today before the actual WAO Event. The sun was shining our plans looked good and we're all excited.... and a bit scared!

We finished the day with a long walk with the dogs on the hills overlooking the Vale of Pewsey before going to the mother in-laws for tea.

I think Fathers day should follow Mothers day to recover from the day before. Still, I was better prepared this year. Last year I decided to pick up some flowers from the local garage on the way over to mothers, they had run out, she wasn't too disappointed with screen wash!

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