Monday, 14 March 2011

Thud..... and I'm back to earth.

It's amazing how a few hours in the office can bring you back to the daily routine. It's also amazing how much more motivation can be gained after a great performance.

Karen and I managed to get a short training session in with the boys before darkness fell tonight; I felt so 'up' for training. Don't get me wrong I always enjoy training my dogs but it's a different kind of training when preparing for a big event. Tonight it was no pressure just practice. Always remembering. . . .

"Practice makes Permanent
Only Perfect Practice makes Perfect"

PS recent picture of Rhyme (6 months), Flint (still looks handsome for an old man) and Devo (very exciting to work) Kodi was having a well deserved rest.


Pup said...

Love the picture Mark :)

Mark Laker said...

Thanks, Sandrine is good with a camera.