Thursday, 24 March 2011

Non-Stop, Quick Stop!

This evening has been a busy one . My first WAO Skype call was at 6 and I finished the last at 10, with dinner in between.

Since the entries closed lots of activities have kicked off; it's actually all coming together. We've also had some very exciting news that a top French handler is now coming. Christine Charpentier two time FCI World Champion will be representing France.

I'm judging my first Masters classes on Saturday and looking forward to it. I've also been told we have rubber contacts. From my experience of judging using these in Scotland it'll make my life easier; a lot less arm waving.


KazzaA said...

well i was teaching my kids at school about blogging today and as i knew yours was good, you were my example! :O) hopefully their entries will be a little more inspiring now.....

Mark Laker said...

thanks Karen, I better make sure my English is proper then!