Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Everything Changes

I enjoyed my Masters judging at the weekend, I had a very efficient ring crew who were practicing for the World Agility Open. As a judge it makes all the difference. There were some very exciting runs and well deserved winners.

I was back down to Devon Dogs on Sunday running a seminar called 'Getting ready for Competition' another good day with an enthusiastic bunch of people who all contributed to the session.

I love the stories around the changing of clocks. Two of my regular followers, who will remain nameless, duly put their phones forward an hour before they went to bed, then the phone duly put itself forward an hour at the right time and hey presto! one dog handler waking up minus two hours sleep! So instead of being ready to go training at 8 o'clock, you know get up in plenty of time to have breakfast, do all the usual morning routine be at the training field at 7:45 they were out at 5:45 and thinking 'it's a bit dark still'.

I've done similar too so I know exactly what it's like.

Anyway why is it that some gadgets are clever enough to change themselves and other are not.

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