Sunday, 13 March 2011

Crufts 2011

We're just back from competing in the Championship finals at Crufts. It's been a long and exciting day.

Kodi and I won the Reserve ticket [second place] which I'm very pleased about. Of course I would have been even more pleased to win it again for a second year, but considering the high level of competition and Kodi is not a young dog, I am very pleased with our achievement.

It's a great atmosphere at Crufts and whether the dogs run well or not so well on carpet it's good to be there. Kodi loves it. He gets more wound up and excited there than most places we compete at, which is probably why we do well.

I recently read that on average we spend 80% of our training time concentrating on developing and improving physical skills and only 20% on mental preparation. When you stand on the start line 80% of your performance is down to mental preparation and 20% on physical skills. I'm more convinced than ever this is true at these type of events.

Not only am I lucky to have such a fantastic, hard working and committed dog, but also to have such a great group of friends. I don't know who the crowd were that cheered from the seats when I stepped on to the start line in the final, but that was great. Also thanks to my 'support team' on the day. Jo, Michelle, Stephen and of course Karen who did a brilliant job of grooming for me and plays a massive part in keeping Kodi and me fit and Greg for all his ongoing support and handling advice.

Also thanks to Dee and Karen A for looking after our dogs at home. It's reassuring to know they are being looked after on a long day; Kodi even had a present waiting for him when we got back.

Finally thank you for all the text messages, Facebook postings and emails from places as far away as The Orkney Isle, Netherlands, Canada, Japan and Taunton! they are all very much appreciated.

And so we start the long journey again for Crufts 2012 - happy days


Dani said...

Fern & me nearly in tears watching you and Kodi run. Great partnership and what a special dog he is. Split second between Dawn & You so you must be proud. He has achieved so much for you and he is not a spring chicken!!! Really well done from us :-) xxxx

Mark Laker said...

Thanks Dani, it certainly is a good partnership and kodi just loves Crufts, or any big event for that matter.

He's not the only 'not spring chicken' of the partnership LOL... xxx