Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Cars, Vans and Punctures

Tuesday morning out I go ready to limp to the nearest tyre fitter in my car with it's 'special wheel'; remember the kids with the 'special eye'. Guess what.... yet another puncture, front wheel, same side as the other one! I don't believe it [repeat in a Victor Meldrew style].

So here we are with no working vehicles. I was limping no where.

The tyre fitter turned up after lunch by which time I'd given up any plans to go into work and opted to work from home instead. Once the tyres were fitted Karen was off to Devon for part 2 of her Canine Massage course for a few days.

In my last entry I mentioned the Vodafone network had gone down in our area on Monday too [apparently thieves stole some 'stuff' from a data centre in Basingstoke]. Well apparently it also effected the internet connection to parts of Andover meaning the garage sorting the van were unable to email the diagnostic test results to Mercedes in Germany.

There are also plans to email new engine settings over here! I thought the van had an engine under the bonnet not some kind of server! - I bet there's an app for that...


Pup said...

What bad luck! You are welcome to borrow the Subaru for a few days whilst Karen is away if you are carless? just text me if you want it.

Mark Laker said...

Thanks for the offer Linda that's kind of you.