Saturday, 12 March 2011

As far as dog training goes it's been a good week. Very pleased with Devo's progress and Kodi is fighting fit. We're looking forward to Crufts on Sunday.

Not such a good ending to the week watching the horrific pictures from Japan tonight. I made some friends from there at the World Championships last year. As far as I know they are OK but it's still concerning.

Two friends from UK are also there at the moment so I hope they are OK too.

My relations in New Zealand escaped the earth quake there a few weeks ago; which coincidently happened almost 9 years to the day when we were there.

Situations like these puts everything into perspective.

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KazzaA said...

Indeed events of recent hours really make you apperciate what you have! On a brighter note may we the Austins and "Buzz" wish you and Kodi (Buzz's daddy) good luck for tomorrow! - and dont forget everyone is finding it a slippy surface!