Monday, 28 February 2011

Where there's a wheel

So this week started where last left off. The van is still sick. It may need a part shipped over from Germany. The Vodaphone network was down in our area so no work related phone calls, not sure if that's good or not. And just when I thought nothing else could challenge me, the medium sized estate car got a puncture.

This wasn't your usual 'get home and discover you've got a puncture' this was late at night, Karen travelling back with 4 dogs in the car on a country road, middle of no where type of puncture.

Any way, after calling for a lift from my good mate Grahame we rescued her.

Although even the flat tyre was out to test me. After removing all the wheel nuts the wheel wouldn't come off. We hit it, kicked it, shook it, Karen was about to head butt it and even calm me had plenty of frustration to take out. I then spotted a skip outside a nearby house and thought there is bound to be something in there I can bash it with. So in true pikey style I raided the skip emerging shortly afterwards with a stout piece of timber. Using it as a battering ram I soon shifted the stubborn wheel. It wasn't long before we were fixed.

I wonder what tomorrows going to bring a broken nail!


Sandrine said...

Yes I heard it was quite an adventure fixing it, and Grahame was very impressed with your creative thinking ( raiding the skip - HILARIOUS !!!!! ).

Pup said...

It would just be plain CRUEL if you broke a nail too :(