Thursday, 10 February 2011

Not at my best

My blog entries are usually up beat and positive reflecting on my general outlook on life. Tonight my outlook isn't so rosy.

I've been told about a shocking way a friend had been treated today which has left a very bitter taste. What makes this worse is it appears it's all built around jealousy, hearsay and damn right spite fulness.

People should think more about their actions, careless talk and the impact they can have on others. And the possible repercussions!


Dani said...

I agree Mark. Too many people forcing their own opinions sometimes, and not thinking about how it affects people. Hope your friend can rise above it :-) xx See you in 2 weeks.

Anonymous said...

Having been subjected to bullying and harassment from my boss for the last 2 years, I successfully raised a grievance against her, which was upheld. It turns out that she was jealous that I had more experience then her. This was why she employed me in the first place! I have never boasted about or forced my experience/opinions on anyone, I am not particularly proud of having worked in housing for the length of time I have; it is just a means to an end. What this woman put me through will stay with me forever, people do not realise or do not care what an effect their actions have. Please give my very best to your friend; I hope that they can be the better person and rise way above it. I have come to the conclusion that is the best revenge.