Sunday, 27 February 2011

Just back from a weekend in Devon; without the van! Apparently it decided to go back into fuel saving economy mode when the garage were on their way delivering it. Embarrassing.

Picture the scene. 6 dogs, one in a crate, bags, laptops, dog food all squeezed in the back of a medium sized estate car; it was cozy.

It promised to be an interesting weekend when we realised all the dog leads, wet weather clothes etc. were in the van. So we Improvised. It was fun and slightly hectic.

I enjoyed all the training groups I worked with, even the first hour on Saturday mining when a wet suit would have been appropriate....I bet there was one of them in the back.


Sandrine said...

Wouldn't have been in the van ... remembered you emptied it all !!!!!!!!!!!

Mark Laker said...

Oh yes so I did!