Thursday, 2 December 2010

Decisions, decisions...

I often find pushing snow around at 6am before breakfast is a refreshing way to start a challenging day.

I suffered from cognitive dissonance (uncomfortable feeling caused by holding conflicting ideas simultaneously) when helping to make the decision about the WAO Team England Selection weekend.

The North & South were snowed in and the bit in the middle clear. Fortunately friends and colleagues helped and advised and a decision was made. It's a real pity but applying safety, common sense and a measure of responsibility had to be considered.

Keep warm and stay dry this weekend, it looks like this freezing weather is here for a while.

Thinking of my work colleagues in the North of Scotland suffering temperatures of -20! while we bask in the warmth of a mere -9... I'll see you in July when it rises above freezing for a couple of days in the frozen North.

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