Monday, 15 November 2010

Winter is Here...well today it was

I had to scrap the car window this morning for the first time this the South anyway, I've been doing it in Scotland all year....joking Kenny! And yes Dani I did have my coat with me today.

I enjoyed North Downs show on Saturday. Devo had a 2nd in the G5 Agility, it should have been 1st of nothing. I was neither training or going for it; better planning required. Note to self - practice what I preach.

Kodi is back on form and really exciting to run. I think the change of food, increased exercise and me getting back to fitness are all paying off - just in time for the end of season LOL...

Looking forward to two days of training at our agility training weekend. Sports Psychology Seminar Saturday & Sunday morning and agility training in the afternoon. Should be good, there are a few spaces available to anyone else interested in coming.


Dani said...

Glad you had your coat :-)
Good luck with the weekend, I wanted to come but already booked a comp and really want comp practice before Olympia.
Well done with Devo. Plan better next time Mr!!! :-)

Pup said...

Well done with Devo! Looking forward to Saturday :)