Friday, 5 November 2010

Celebrating with a bang...

It's been a long, busy and interesting week. A week where:

  • I went inside a wind turbine 45 minutes up a Scottish mountain

  • I managed to meet two people I've been chasing for months!

  • I visited Scotland ....without a coat - idiot

  • I worked on another exciting venture .... watch this space

  • I met my new boss

  • I got very frustrated at certain peoples inability to make decisions

And................a week where Kodi became dad to a beautiful litter of pups - fantastic.

Apparently fireworks have been heard going off around the UK to celebrate.

We're running a weekend of agility training with Kenny in Dundee this weekend that'll be fun.


Dani said...

Saw the first pic of puppy earlier. Really thrilled for gorgeous Kodi!! And who goes to Scotland without a coat??!!!

Mark Laker said...

me - often!!