Thursday, 29 July 2010

A Wii bit of Fun

This week has been great. I've done lots of training with the dogs, getting plenty of exercise and generally doing whatever we feel like doing. It's nice not to be travelling around all the time and to get time at home with Karen, the dogs and having occasional visits with family and friends.

I bought Karen a Wii. It's something she's been wanting for a while to help with her rehabilitation from the broken ankle - all in the name of fitness of course. We had great fun with it last night; well actually until 1:30 this morning! far more exciting than TV.

I'm thinking about designing Wii Agility; that would be fun... You could design the ultimate agility dog, choose the venue, work your way up the grades, set the level of difficulty (well G3 would be V hard, 4 & 5 easy with very few competitors, and G6 & 7 a different competition altogether - just like the real thing!) What about judges? You could pick what sort of course you like depending on the judge you pick!

Any other ideas?

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