Friday, 2 July 2010

Random Ramblings

I'm getting out of the habit of writing my blog; too many other things going on at the moment. But as always plenty of interesting stories to share.

I've been carrying an injury for the last year or so, I think it started after a slip at Nottingham last year. After many visits to the Chiro and more recently a Physio its just not going away. Its been having an effect on my running and overall comfort and so on the instruction of the Physio I'm going to have to stop running for a while until it's sorted. This is a real pain but every time I run I'm undoing all the work the Physio has done.

The big weekend was the Team GB qualifiers. The best dogs on the day got in although I think they could have been picked without the qualifiers; a very strong team. You'll be hearing more about my involvement with them soon!

A funny story for you. When our friend Naomi was over from The Netherlands in May she made some traditional Dutch pancakes for us one evening. They were great. Recently we received a card through the post from Naomi with a foot note saying, I hope you like the attached surprise, hmmmmm... there was no attachment.

So we waited a few days to see what would turn up. Eventually a little box arrived from The Netherlands. Now the box wasn't opened but it looked like it had been examined before being delivered. Inside was Naomi's 'special' Dutch pancake mix. We were then thinking 'Oh no are we going to get raided by the drugs squad' can you imagine a small box containing white powder from Holland going through customs.

A lovely surprise from Naomi.

That's this weeks update, time for a cup of tea. I mustn't forget to make one for the two men sat in the blacked out car that's been parked outside for the last two weeks.

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Naomi said...

haha :) hadn't gotten on to that last line... but yeah- one ought to know better than get involved in Dutch Bussiness ;)

take care of yourself!