Thursday, 17 June 2010

Probably the best Agility Show in the World...

Karen goes back to the specialist today to hopefully get the OK on her ankle. That'll be a relief for her... and Torro Laker! She has been very brave and patient, it would have driven me crazy to be out of action for so long.

Thames Agility Show lived up to expectations. If Carlsberg ran agility shows they would all be like Thames. Plenty to do, well organised, nice weather (yes apparently they organise that too) and a good mix of agility standards. It's another benchmark show for me. I work hard for the results but if I don't get them I can see what I need to do. Overall I did OK gaining a top 5 place with each of the dogs. Greg did well, it's reassuring to see the handling / training system works.

As usual there is plenty going on at home and work to occupy me. I'm organising a conference next week. Its a bit concerning that every day I think of something else that needs doing; maybe I should have got the Thames team to organise it...or Carlsberg.

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