Tuesday, 27 April 2010

WAC[ked] Out...

Apologies to those avid readers, who am I kidding!, for the lack of blog entries, life's been more hectic than usual. With travel plans messed up, extra busy at work, and Agility I've been kept quite busy.

By now you may have heard I [not Kodi]made some 'basic schoolboy errors' at the European Open try outs so that wasn't clever and one of this years goals gone. Must try harder. On a more positive note Devo has been doing some good runs. He had another 4th place at WBSDSDSDSDSWD40 or whatever the show was called, so he's doing great.

The IFCS World Agility Championships 2010 [WAC 2010] has been taking up a lot of our time but I'm sure it'll be worth it. Our plans are coming on nicely and it looks like being a fantastic event.

Tonight I'm back in sunny Scotland... yes, even though there is some snow still around on the mountains the weather today is glorious. I'm staying in Atholl in the Highlands ready for a business meeting tomorrow a fantastic setting; definitely one to visit for a short break in the future.

I had a very bizarre experience on the train today. A lady got on at Basingstoke, asked if it was OK for her to sit opposite me with her very young baby; fine by me as long as the baby kept quiet! after all it was 1st class [no I didn't actually say that to her...] I was busy tapping away on my laptop deeply engrossed in work, after a few minutes I realised this baby was very quite, normally they're screaming and sicking up every where after five minutes. I looked up only to see the little darling was being fed ...breast fed!!!What to do now! I hadn't expected this on the 08:57 from Grateley to Waterloo!

Well it worked there wasn't a peep out of the little soul all the way to London. So any of you who can't sleep on trains there's the remedy. It also has the double benefit of keeping the passengers quite because they just keep their heads down for the rest of the journey too embarrassed to look up or even talk.

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Pup said...

I read it lol! Baby story VERY funny - never happened to me in 10 years getting the basingstoke to waterloo train daily thank god!