Saturday, 10 April 2010

Change is inevitable. Change is constant.

This week has been a bit random and full of changes. Work arrangements changed about, meetings cancelled others called at short notice and a job offer! Well actually I was asked to head up a similar role to one I did two years ago but I've got the T-shirt and quite happy where I am, at the moment. So instead I'm going to carry on with my current role and take a 'care taker' view on the new one.....hmmm I think that means overall a bigger role!

We changed our plans and decided not to go to Scunthorpe this weekend. Karen's back is on the mend but not up to serious competition yet and the thought of a 4am start wasn't very motivational.

So we'll have a weekend at home, more training with our dogs, some nice walks and enjoy the weather which as I write looks very promising.

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