Monday, 1 March 2010

Two More Feet of Snow in Scotland!

I was sent this picture and thought of my colleagues in Scotland who've had another heavy fall of snow. One of my guys (Nick) was travelling home from Portsmouth on Friday night and only got as far as Edinburgh on the train then....I'm not sure, taxi I think!

Our 'Mock World Cup' event went well on Sunday, albeit a long afternoon. It was good training for everyone, including me who learnt a lot more about judging snooker classes! I think it was an agility first to have a judging panel. One person watching the dog, another recording and checking the scores and a third cross referencing the rule book! Thanks for everyone's patience.

Kodi is fully recovered from his recent visit to the Physio, although there was nothing wrong, just a few tweaks here and there we decided to rest him for a couple of weeks. Now I need to get started on Crufts training.

Have a good week.

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