Monday, 22 March 2010

Back Down to Earth

After a whirl wind week we're coming back down to earth. I'm sure Kodi knows he's done something special, due to all the fuss and attention he received last week.

We had a match at the weekend against Wallingford. We were playing away and we lost, not by much but enough.

Devo ran in the G3 jumping and steeplechase classes and did well. He took a couple of jumps down and his handler sent him in the wrong end of a tunnel. All eyes were on Kodi so we had one elimination [handler error], one round with 5 faults [probably handler error again], and a clear round [handler got it right]. Well I had to give them a chance!

We had a relaxing Sunday, the lull before the storm I think, going out for Sunday lunch with friends followed by some training in the field. With hindsight it may have been better to do that the other way around. Training two dogs after a lovely Sunday roast wasn't the most brilliant of ideas.

Have a good week.

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