Monday, 8 February 2010

A Weekend Up North

We're just back from a weekend 'Up North' where we competed at Waldridge Fell KC Agility show. We had lots of reasons to travel five hours up the road to County Durham. It was my birthday on Saturday, it's our anniversary this week, always a good excuses to stay in a nice hotel, and Devo was old enough to compete at his first KC Competition.

He was a good lad, he did everything I asked for, although I didn't ask for a couple of bars to come down; but I think that was his enthusiasm and excitement. I handled him like I would handle Kodi. No making it easy, get the boy working. He responded very well. I'll post a video when I've had a chance to download it.

Kodi crashed into a wall at home last Thursday. Although he looks OK, no signs of the collision, he wasn't running right. So he's booked in to the phsysio this week for a check up.

We've both got a few days off work this week. We've got training planned with the dogs, a meal out with friends and loads of emails associated with the IFCS World Agility Championships to catch up with. Karen's helping me a lot and there's plenty for both of us to do. Tickets for the event are selling fast, if you are thinking of coming book your tickets soon.

BTW - the Manor House hotel we stayed at is ideal for dog people. You can take dogs in some of the rooms, it has a secluded car park with an exercise field and a footpath leading out to miles of walking.

Thanks for all my birthday wishes. It's great to hear from people on Facebook and get cards even for a normal 35th birthday!

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