Thursday, 11 February 2010

Time - not on our side

It's funny how things develop, on Tuesday I received two emails regarding agility training days/weekend - one in Aberdeen and another in Cornwall both un-related but ironic they arrived the same day. The problem now is finding time. When I look through the diary it's busy now until the autumn. This agility lark is becoming a full-time occupation.

This got me thinking [always dangerous] about how we plan our days, weekends, holidays, years........ lives! As an example, one of my colleagues at work showed me his diary for 2010, I estimate he's over 50% booked up until Christmas. Then I thought well, I've already mapped Devo's agility career out and he's only just competed in his first competition.

Where will it end. I heard of a couple recently who had a plan mapped out to give their new born as many experiences as possible before a given date; the poor wee soul was a project for them!

Planning is good and an effective way of organising ourselves to make the best us of time but plan for some free time too.

Got to go, its time to pack and catch a train, that's on time, to get me to my next location in time ......

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