Friday, 19 February 2010

Oh No Not Ruthless!

It's Friday, the end of another interesting week where I spent a couple of days in Hornsea, had a couple early nights to shake the cold off, the usual round of meetings, telephone conferences and workshops, an unexpected trip to Gatwick to rescue my Mum & Dad and a bit of training with my dogs.

Devo was amazing at training, he flew aroound a course that the G6 & 7 dogs struggled with; We've still got a lot to do but he's making great progress.

I'm looking forward to getting some fresh air outside with the dogs this weekend. I'm going to do some training in the field Saturday and then we're running a training day for Lauren in Devon on Sunday - that'll be fun.

Fitness sessions have started for lardy-boy Kodi; he's already looking better, although he doesn't know that this is just the start of the count down to Crufts and ........... Ruthless is coming over tomorrow !!!

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