Sunday, 17 January 2010

Watch out for the "Normal People"

While we've been all snowed in and pretty much grounded we've been doing 'normal people' things: Catching up on indoor jobs we've been meaning to do for months; planning this years diary; going to the cinema, even working our way through the DVDs we've been intending to watch.

The ground had thawed enough yesterday to get out in the agility field - hooray! I ran Devo and Kodi over a few grids and through the weaves a couple of times. As expected they were well up for it and full of enthusiasm to be doing something more than going for a snowy walk.

I've got a business trip next week, so I'll be calling on the services of my personal dog trainer to help get their agility fitness back. Don't worry I'll be doing my bit of agility fitness. Running gear - in the bag, hotel with gym and pool- booked; "just do it" mental attitude - work in progress!

We had a call from the vet earlier this week, Torro and Devo's blood tests were clear following their rabies jabs - Europe here we come! I'd better get back out in the field and start some serious more messing about.

We going to the cinema again tonight - last time in 2010 I'm sure; THEN it's back to normal.


Claire said...

Isn't it soo nice to get back ouside training. I will see you all in February. x

Mark Laker said...

looking forward to it. Can you arrange some nice Devon weather please. //:-)