Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Make My Day....

Now the snow and frost has gone, not saying that too loudly, the rabbits are out in the agility field with a vengence. I don't have a problem with them running about and nibbling away at the grass but they don't stop at that, no they feel the need to dig wee holes just big enough for a dogs foot or a humans ankle to drop into which is not good. Action needs to be taken! So I've taken up nightly rabbit patrols with the neighbours air rifle.

Air rifle technology has moved on a bit since I had one years ago. Back then it was a rusty old thing that used to creak and groan and when it did fire the pellet just dribbled out the end. This one is like something out of terminator. It has an infra-red night light, telescopic sights that make your eyes look as big as a goldfish bowl, a silencer and you 'fill it up' with compressed air! Unfortunately it doesn't make you a good shot or give you the ability to creep up unnoticed on unsuspecting rabbits.

I think they're quite safe. For a start I haven't got near enough to even see one with the massive lens and night light. Secondly I think they got an early warning system set up - how come they're not there when I am? thirdly my keen interest in Buddhism doesn't really sit well with shooting animals. My get out of this one is I'm trying to save a dogs leg or mine [ it's a bit of a lame reason] - bad choice of words.

In between working and skulking around perving rabbits a night, I've been getting some quality training in with Devo and Kodi this week. We're all worn out tonight.

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