Friday, 8 January 2010

It's All Gone Minus

Like most of the UK we're suffering / enjoying [delete as appropriate] the hard winter. It's been quite a while now since daytime temperatures have risen above zero here. Our coldest night, so far was minus 12 - brrr.

Agility training has pretty much stopped mainly due to the safety issues of people driving to the venue and parking. The agility field is frozen. It may stop the dogs but not the rabbits.

I've worked at home all week which has been handy and something I do fairly often; it's so much more productive. Karen has taken the train to work, we're lucky to have a mainline station within walking distance.

Like most young dogs Devo and Torro love the snow. They've had great fun charging around the garden. Devo has developed this technique of running with his head down pushing the snow along with his nose until it makes a snow ball. He then picks it up and runs around with it, it's very amusing to watch.

Yesterday he appeared at the window with half his head covered in snow. We wondered if he was trying to make himself look like Kodi or Flint.

Flint loves the weather, mainly because we're spending more time at home so he can watch the TV more; Strange dog he spends all evening watching whatever is on. More recently he has taken to watching our digital picture frame.

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Dani said...

Bless Flint!! That made Fern laugh. :-) Weather the same here, and dogs love it but I am getting a bit bored of it. Cant get out anywhere! Managed to get to training last night just, but only a fool would've tried........ says it all really :-) x